• Project KinshipProject Kinship entered into a partnership with Santa Ana Unified School District to provide Restorative Practice Intervention Services. Restorative Practices is based on the principals of Restorative Justice. The approach and philosophy is complimentary to the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Model (PBIS) in addressing issues of school climate and student's needs. Restorative Practices in school settings is evidence based and can be used as a Tier I, II, and III interventions as well as an alternative to suspension and/or expulsion. Project Kinship works with students 1x1, Restorative Circles (whether a small group or a classroom circle), Mediations and Family Support. It also offers 3 main Programs including: Seeking Safety, Arts& Healing and Leadership.




    Jimmy Rumsey

    Jimmy Rumsey


    Where am I from?  

    I grew up in Tustin / Santa Ana


    Jimmy is currently working with high risk youth in the city of Santa Ana as a Restorative Practice Intervention Specialist at Project Kinship. He has over 15 years experience working with at risk youth. His own life experiences has helped him bridge gaps between youth who are in gangs and have been incarcerated. His own life story of overcoming incarceration, violence and gangs has helped him to find a pathway towards a positive future. Jimmy is committed to working with some of the most vulnerable youth who have experienced violence in Orange County. He is highly respected for his commitment and passion to transforming cycles in order for youth to lead successful lives. His own life story is a testament of how an individual can overcome adversity.


    What  are my interests outside of school?

    I enjoy driving my classic cars, watching sports, spending time with my family and quiet night walks on the beach. I am also writing a book about my life it will be out early next year 2019.