6th Grade 1st Semester Warm-up

  • Week 16:

    Monday (12/02): What is density and how does it relate to weather?

    Tuesday (12/03): Summarize the steps for the density lab.

    Wednesday (12/04): How does oceans infuence weather?

    Thursday (12/05): List everything you notice from the wind map.

    Friday (12/06): Is air nothing? What evidence do we have to show air around us is really "stuff"?


    Week 15:

    Monday (11/18): What type of weather do you expect to happen as global warming takes place?

    Tuesday (11/19): How are clouds formed?

    Wednesday (11/20): What is happening in the videos and why does it occur?

    - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slKeKRqXdmw

    - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlICPbQ6eMA

    Thursday (11/21): How does the sun influence weather?

    Friday (11/22): In 2 sentences what are your plans for next week?


    Week 14:

    Monday (11/11): No School

    Tuesday (11/12): What causes weather?

    Wednesday (11/13): What do you predict will happen to a water bottle when exposed to heat for too long?

    Thursday (11/14): List at least 3 things you know about storms.

    Friday (11/15): What makes hot ait balloons rise? Is there anyway we can make the hot air balloon rise more?


    Week 13:

    Monday (11/04): Why is it that the weather is sometimes wrong?

    Tuesday (11/05): Rewrite what the hardest question on the study guide was.

    Wednesday (11/06): Summarize the material that was on the study guide.

    Thursday (11/07): What are the differences you see in the weather between winter and summer?

    Friday (11/08): How does the distance from the ocean affect temperature?


    Week 12:

    Monday (10/28): What is the differentce between weather and climate?

    Tuesday (10/29): How do we observe weather?

    Wednesday (10/30): What are the differences between low pressure and high pressure systems?

    Thursday (10/31): If you were to go on vacation, where would you go and why?

    Friday (11/01): No School


    Week 11:

    Monday (10/21): No Bellwork- Counselor Presentation

    Tuesday (10/22): Predict tomorrow's weather. What clues or tools did you use to help make an accurate prediction.

    Wednesday (10/23): Look back at yesterday's prediction of the wweather and explain if your prediction was correct. Why or why not?

    Thursday (10/24):What data does a weather map give?

    Friday (10/25): Write the word and definition of the vocabulary word you are having the most trouble with.


    Week 10:

    Monday (10/14): How are kids being targeted to use E-cigs (vape pens)?

    Tuesday (10/15): List at least 3 consequences that occur when someone drinks alcohol.

    Wednesday (10/16): How are e-cigarettes similar to tobacco cigarettes, and how are they different?

    Thursday (10/17): Why would we want to predict the weather? (BLOCK SCHEDULE)

    Friday (10/18): Why would we want to predict the weather? (BLOCK SCHEDULE)


    Week 9:

    Monday (10/07): No School

    Tuesday (10/08): What is the difference between conduction, convection, and radiation?

    Wednesday (10/09): How can 2 objects have the same temperature but different thermal energy?

    Thursday (10/10): What is weather?

    Friday (10/11): What are the differences and similarities between the 2 videos?


    Week 8:

    Monday (9/30): Why do some objects feel warmer than others even though the temperature is the same?

    Tuesday (10/01): How can we control how much energy reaches an object?

    Wednesday (10/02): Heat loss is a problem for many homes. Where in a home do you think most heat is drawn?

    Thursday (10/03): What materials have you decided to make your lunch box out of anyway?

    Friday (10/04): What progress have you made with your letter so far?


    Week 7:

    Monday (9/23): How does ice in warm lemonade make it cold?

    Tuesday (9/24): Describe and draw how heat is transferred in the Koala and Tree Article?

    Wednesday (9/25): What is the relationship between temperature and termal energy?

    Thursday (9/26): What would you rather use to hold your hot soup?

    Friday (9/27): Can an object feel colder than another if the temperature is the same? Explain why or why not?


    Week 6:

    Monday (9/16): How is building a bridge different from building a tower?

    Tuesday (9/17): How is your bridge design going to hold weight?

    Wednesday (9/18): How will your redesign be different than your first bridge?

    Thursday (9/19): What happens to an object in a freezer?

    Friday (9/20): What causes you to feel "hot" or "cold"?


    Week 5:

    Monday (9/9): What did you learn about collaboration and how will you apply that during today's redesign?

    Tuesday (9/10): What was the most challenging part when building the tower?

    Wednesday (9/11): How does a person talk and work as an engineer?

    Thursday (9/12): How do you remember what you read?

    Friday (9/13): What causes structures to fail and how can they fix it?


    Week 4:

    Monday (9/2): No School

    Tuesday (9/3): How do you take the volume of a solid vs. a liquid?

    Wednesday (9/4): What are the basic unit of measurement for distance, mass, and volume?

    Thursday (9/5): How can we work together?

    Friday (9/6): How do you think buildings or bridges are constructed?


    Week 3:

    Monday (8/26-Per 1,5): What does this picture show? What are 2 conclusions you can make about the data?

    Tuesday (8/27-Per 2,4,6): What does this picture show? What are 2 conclusions you can make about the data?

    Wednesday (8/28): What defines an object to be massive?

    Thursday (8/29): When a sound is loud, do you think anbout it as a small or big sound?

    Friday (8/30): What is the volume of a cuboid 15cm long, 5cm wide, and 20cm high?


    Week 2:

    Monday (8/19): How can you blow up a balloon without blowing into it?

    Tuesday (8/20): What is the diffeence between an observation and hypothesis?

    Wednesday (8/21): Explain what your experiment is about and why it's important.

    Thursday (8/22): What is one thing that you learned from creating your own experiment?

    Friday (8/23): We will be starting enguneerung next week, what do you want to learn the most? 


    Week 1:

    Monday (8/12): What was your favorite experience this past summer?

    Tuesday (8/13): What do you look forward in doing in science class?

    Wednesday (8/14): What are 3 words that describe a scientist?

    Thursday (8/15): What are some things that you shouldn't do during a lab?

    Friday (8/16): Look at the syllabus. Summarize it in 2 sentences.