t rex

Changing earth and fossils

  • We have started our unit of study on the changing earth and fossils.  To begin with, students will be studying what causes the earth to change.  We will have several opportunities to experience these changes through experiments.  We will also be reading expository texts to learn more about what happens with the earth.  In addition, we will be viewing videos to help clarify how these changes occur.

    Week 1 - Our Earth

    Week 2 - Rocks

    Week 3 - Erosion 

    Week 4 - Earthquakes


    We will also continue to read stories from our OCR unit Fossils.  These stories focus on how we know about dinosaurs and theorys on what happend to them.

    Week 1 - "What Happened To The Dinosaurs"

    Week 2 - " What Happened To The Dinosaurs" (We need two weeks for this big story!)

    Week 3 - "The Dinosaur In My Backyard"

    Week 4 -