• e-Business Logo   Student of the Month 

    Each month the e-Business academy will recognize students who exemplify commitment, honor and success in all areas of our curriculum. This award is presented to students who have exceeded our academic expectations setting an example for other students. Through the core values of solidarity and tenacity these students possess strong characteristics that compliment our definition of success. The following criteria is used when selecting the student of the month. 

    The student of the month shows: 

    • Commitment: The student is engaged in all academic activities. 

    • Honor: The student is truthful and refrains from academic dishonesty. 

    • Success: The student strives for success and is dedicated to achieving thier academic and personal goals. 

    • Positivity: The student promotes positivity through their words and actions.

    • Respect: The student treats teachers and classmates with respect valuing each individual equally in and out of the classroom.

    • Responsiblility: The student takes responsibility in keeping track of their schoolwork and maintaining outstanding grades. 

    • Progress: The student shows significant progress in the classroom.