• New State Visual and Performing Arts Standards and Theatre and Dance Credentials 

    As of June 2017, the California state legislature is moving forward with adoption of new Visual and Performing Arts Standards to reflect the shifts on the educational landscape, including advancements as to who artists and creatives are in the 21st century. The state is also working on theatre and dance credentialing to match visual art and music, recognizing all 4 arts disciplines requires specific training and skill sets by highly qualified educators in each field.

    Included in the shifts are overarching enduring understandings and essential questions that drive inquiry-based exploration and learning in grades Pre-K through 12. New shifts include performance based outcomes. The standards are based on the following Philosophical Foundations:

    • The Arts as:
      • Communication
      • Personal Realization
      • Culture, History and Connectors
      • Means to well-being
      • Community Engagement

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