• 6th Grade Integrated Science

    Course Description:
    In 6th grade integrated science, we will learn how to investigate our world scientifically, and we will learn basic science concepts in biology, physics, and Earth systems science. For a complete list of standards, see the Next Generation Science Standards.
    Holt California Life Science Interactive Reader (school)
    Holt California Earth Science (home)
    Course Expectations:
    Students will
    Come to class on time every day unless sick or otherwise excused.
    Show respect for all students, teachers, and other adults in the classroom.
    Come to class prepared to learn. (having all materials and a willing attitude)
    Complete and turn in all work on time.
    Ask for help when needed.

    Each day, students must bring all school supplies listed in the student handbook as well as:
    Interactive Reader
    Ear buds (These are recommended for some computer assignments. If it is difficult to get these, please email or send me a note, and I will provide a pair.)

    Homework Policy:
    Completing homework on time is essential to learning. Unless otherwise stated, homework is due the following school day. Each time a student does not turn in his or her homework, the student will receive a homework card to sign and receive the appropriate consequence. The first time, the student will sign step 1 and have a conference with the teacher. The second time, the student will sign step two and receive a parent notice, etc. Please see the homework section in the student agenda for more details about the consequences.
    Canvas Quizzes / Google Quizzes / QuizStar
    These assignments, despite the name, are not quizzes. They are homework assignments that can be completed from any computer with Internet access, as well as some phones and tablets. The assignments are based on activities we have done in class, and students SHOULD USE their notes, textbooks and any online resources that I provided in class to help them answer the questions. Students SHOULD NOT ask other people for answers to the questions, although they may ask for help finding the answer. Students should complete these assignments on the day they are assigned unless it is not possible. Students may retake the assignment to improve their score, if needed. Computers are available in the library and classroom.
    In order to remember what they have learned, it is important that students study actively. That means they should do more than just look at the information they need to know. On my website, under the photograph, you can find a page that describes several active study strategies. One popular active study strategy is to use flashcards to quiz yourself on the information you have learned, and with the Internet, flash cards have gotten even more advanced. Using the online flashcards at Quizlet, students can play games with their science vocabulary. Each week, I will assign a set of flash cards on Quizlet.com/ValerieArmstong to help students study actively. Students may also create their own sets or use a different active study strategy if they want to.

    Academic Grading:

    Grades will be based on the following:
    Quizzes/Tests – 50-100 points each
    QuizStar Assignments – 50-100 points each
    Lab Reports, Essays and Projects – 50-100 points
    Homework/Classwork – 10-20 points each
    Science Notebooks – 5 points per page
    Grading Scale
    A – 90-100%
    B – 80-89%
    C – 70-79%
    D – 60-69%
    F – Below 60%


    Late Work:
    Completing all assignments is important to learning. Therefore:
    Students who are absent the day an assignment is due must turn in their work the day they return to school.
    Students who are absent the day an assignment is given must get the assignment as soon as they return to school and turn it in within 2 days.
    Students who are not absent, but do not turn in or complete an assignment should still turn their work in late for partial credit. (Study guides for tests and a few other assignments may not be turned in late, but students may complete an alternate assignment to receive credit and improve their grades.)

    Citizenship Grades:
    The citizenship grade will be based on behavior, attitude, and participation. For each 6-week grading period, students will begin with a grade of 100% for behavior and attitude for that term. Ten percent will be deducted for each behavior card, and up to 10% (1 letter grade), can be lost or added based on a student’s attitude. This will be averaged with the student’s participation grade.

    Progressive Discipline:
    All school rules as well as classroom rules must be observed in class. Please refer to the student agenda and website for the complete list of school rules. We know that most students will behave appropriately and respectfully most of the time. In those cases when a student does not, the following steps will be taken:*
    Warning, lower citizenship grade
    Reflective Consequence with parent signature, lower citizenship grade
    30 minute detention, lower citizenship grade
    60 minute detention, lower citizenship grade
    Referral to the office, lower citizenship grade
    * For serious misbehavior, steps may be skipped.

    Tutoring will be available in my room Thursdays at lunch, and Tuesdays after school, or students may speak to me about making special arrangements for a different time. Tutoring is also available through other school programs on different days and at different times.