• Century High School                                                                       Mr. Leung

    Math Analysis, Honors                                                                    Room 5210



    Course Description:

    This course will provide students with the background knowledge and skills necessary for future mathematics courses, such as Calculus, as well as for everyday life. Math Analysis is a compilation of math disciplines including advanced algebra, trigonometry, and pre-calculus. In this course students will investigate topics such as how wind affects an airplane’s velocity and direction or how the concept of infinity impacts everyday life. Students should be strong in algebra and have passed Algebra II with a grade of B or better.


    Grading System:

    Course grade composition:                                       Grade scale:

                Homework                      20%                                     90-100%          A

                Quizzes                           25%                                     80-89%            B

                Tests and Projects           30%                                     70-79%            C

                Notes and Participation  10%                                     60-69%            D

                Final                                15%                                       0-59%            F


    Notes and Participation (and attendance, class work, preparedness):

    Everything done in class except homework, quizzes, and tests should be done in a notebook. For the occasional open-note quizzes or tests, only notebooks will be allowed, not loose sheets of paper. Thus, it is vital for students to bring their notebook to class every day and to keep their notes organized in their notebook. Missing class does not excuse students from missing the notes. It is the responsibility of the student to get the notes from a classmate. Each day of notes is worth 10 points.  Points are awarded for neatness, proper heading (including hi-lighting the date of each new day of notes), the warm up, and the actual notes.  Notebooks will be collected on test days, late notes will not be given any extra credit, and super late notes (turned in a whole unit late) will be half credit.



    Students can expect homework EVERY DAY including weekends, holidays, and test days. The purpose of homework is to allow students the opportunity to practice (not be perfect) before quizzes and tests. Homework will be checked for a fair attempt of the majority of the assignment, despite correctness, and will be stamped each day after it has been assigned. Each week’s homework packet (Monday-Friday) will be due on the Tuesday of the following week. The assignments should be arranged chronologically with Monday’s assignment first and Friday’s assignment last. 50 points will be awarded for each assignment that has a stamp (meaning it was completed on time the next day) and 30 points for those without. Points can also be deducted if the homework packet is out of order or lacks proper heading such as not having the week in which it was assigned on the first page. If students are absent, they should show the assignment to the teacher for a stamp when they return. Although homework packets are due on Tuesdays, students can still turn in late homework for partial credit until the END OF THE SEMESTER! 1 day late (Wednesday) will result in a deduction of 10%, 2 days is 25%, and 3 or more days is 50%.


    Quizzes and Tests:

    Quizzes will be given frequently, at least once a week, and students can expect pop quizzes. This means students should be on top of things throughout each chapter rather than cramming to study at the last second for a test. Quizzes will be done in groups.  Only one student’s quiz will be graded, and that will be the grade for the entire group.  Thus, it is important for groups to help each other and make sure everyone understands the material before the quiz.  If students know they will be missing class on a quiz or test day, it is their responsibility to make arrangements with the teacher to make it up beforehand. Students with unexcused absences will not be able to make up any work and will receive a zero. Students with excused absences will be given one week to make up a quiz or test. Tests can be retaken (with a different version) before the next test, but students must come in for tutoring with their old test first.


    Academic Honesty:

    Students are expected to be academically honest. This means that they should be doing their own work and not cheating or copying. This also means that they should not give their work to others or help others cheat. Students are encouraged to help one another and to work together, but no student should ever have another student’s work. There is a Zero-Tolerance policy on academic dishonesty and students will receive a zero if they are academically dishonest.  During group quizzes, a whole group may receive a zero if they do not follow rules.



    Students who do not achieve academic success will be assigned mandatory tutoring. Tutoring will be available before school 7:00-8:00, after school 3:00-4:00, and during lunch. It is advised that students inform the teacher of tutoring needs ahead of time.  Other students are also encouraged to attend tutoring since anyone who does so will receive extra credit! Extra credit will be awarded for those whose grades are on the borderline at the end of the semester.


    Classroom Expectations:

    • BE RESPECTFUL of the teacher, each other, the school, and yourself
    • No electronic devices except calculators
    • No personal grooming
    • No gum, food, or drink (except water)
    • Remain seated at all times. When out of seat for personal business, please make it quick and quiet. Only 1 restroom pass per semester!
    • Come to class on time and be prepared to learn with proper materials (notebook, pen or pencil, calculator, and last night’s homework)


    Consequences for Bad Behavior:

                1st occurrence              warning

                2nd occurrence             conference with student after class

                3rd occurrence              parent contact

                4th occurrence              referral to student services




    Attention Parents:

    In order for your child to succeed, I will need your support. Homework will be assigned every day so please check your child’s agenda and provide a quiet place to study. Please be sure that the school has your correct home phone number. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me.



    Mr. Leung

    Room 5210







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    (Cut here. Please print names clearly.)


    Student name: ______________________________


    Period number: ________


    Parent name: _______________________________


    Parent’s daytime phone number: ______________________


    I understand what is expected of my child and how I can help.



                 ___________________________                             ________________

           parent signature                                                                  date


    I understand what is expected of me and will do my best to succeed.



                 ___________________________                             ________________

           student signature                                                                 date