• Textbook: Chemistry, Prentice Hall 2007.
                       Please cover for use at home. If damaged or lost, students are required to pay.
    Course Description:
    Chemistry is the study of the composition and properties of matter, the changes that matter undergoes and the energy associated with these changes. Students will meticulously investigate the concepts through demos, discussion, prove these concepts through experimentation, and use research to develop and present projects, write laboratory reports and learning logs, and complete tests and quizzes. Mathematical skills are paramount to this course. The course adheres to SAUSD science requirements as well as the California Next Generation Science Standards.
    In this NGSS aligned chemistry course, students will explore physical science concepts that build comprehension around matter, its properties, and its interactions with other matter and energy. The units within this scope and sequence are presented thematically to provide context for student learning. Students will explore concepts in chemistry and apply their understanding of these concepts in the context of Earth and Space Science. The integration of relevant Earth and Space concepts such as stars and climate change are designed to deepen student understanding of chemistry's role in Earth's systems and society. 
    Course Outline:
    The units written below in both semesters are to be covered which are aligned with SAUSD and NGSS standards.
    Fall Semester: Introduction to Chemistry, From Stars to Atoms, Material Science and Chemical Reactions
    Spring Semester: Introduction to Climate Change, Energy, Atmosphere, and Water
    General Requirements:
    1.  Each student will bring all of the academic supplies listed in the Student Handbook.  
    2.  All assignments must be done on standard lined notebook paper and must be legible. Your name, date, and the class period need to be written at the upper right hand corner of the paper. The title must be written at the middle top. These must be followed for full credit.
    3.  Unless otherwise stated, all homework and other assignments are due at the beginning of the class.
    4. Keep all cell phones in backpacks or purses before coming to class. All visible phones being used will be taken for safekeeping until the end of the period (1st and second offense) or until the end of the day (3rd offense). They may be used upon teacher's instructions.
    4.  Students are expected to abide by all of the guidelines stated in the GFHS Student Handbook. Failure to do so will result in the appropriate consequences as listed on the tardy, homework, and dress code cards. For other student conduct violations, the following progressive discipline plan will be used:
                 1st infraction:  Warning
                 2nd infraction: Teacher/Student Conference
                                         and 15 minute detention
                 3rd infraction: Parent Contact and 30 minute
                 4th infraction: Administrative Referral
    Classroom Expectations:
    1.  Each student is expected to treat his/her classmates, and teacher with respect and courtesy.
    2.  All students are expected to be in their assigned seats when the tardy bell rings. 
    3.  Students will listen to, read, and follow all directions carefully.
    4.  No food, gum, or drink, is allowed except bottled water.
    5.  Follow all classroom rules in turning in homework, laboratory reports, learning logs, projects, making up tests/quizzes/homework/classwork/labwork, and precautionary measures during laboratory.
    6.  Students will write down all assignments in their notebook.
    7.  Students are expected to make up all tests, quizzez, classwork, and labwork as a result of absence from school following the classroom rule.
    8.  Students are expected to come for tutoring in the mornings of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 7: 30 a. m.  when encountering difficulties with the lessons. If students need only a few minutes for clarification of the lesson, they may come later than 7:30 till 8:20 a.m. 
    Grading System: These activities make up 100% of the grade: Tests/Quizzes/Projects (60%) and Homework/Lab Reports/Learning Logs (40%). The scale is as follows:
                                     100 - 90%  =  A
                                       89 - 80%  =  B
                                       79 - 70%  =  C
                                       69 - 60%  =  D
                                       59 - below =  F
    Progress reports will be given every six weeks.
    The requirements and expectations above for Chemistry are designed to provide the students the best learning environment they deserve. I am looking forward to meeting you and working with you this year. For more information, please feel free to call me at 714 - 433 - 6600.
    Mrs. N. Musngi
    I/We have read, do understand, and will follow the Course Requirements and Expectations for Chemistry.
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