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    SHS MUN Interest Form



    Is MUN a club? Yes! We meet after school. Our goal to eventually make it into a class!

    Does it cost money to be a part of MUN? Absolutely not! We fundraise and get contributions from the school and the district to pay for our fees.

    When are conferences? Most conferences take place on weekends, but we won't know exactly when until next school year starts.

    Do we travel far or go overnight? Every so often, yes! Again, we won't have details until at the earliest summer 2018.

    When are meetings? We try to accommodate everyone's schedule; we will be meeting at least twice after school before each conference.

    I'd like to join, but I'm not sure I can commit. That's okay! Just show up to a general meeting and get info. You can decide about joining later!

    Will MUN get me into college? There's no guarantee... but it is a DEFINITE advantage over other applicants!