• Technology Integration Starts Early 

    Transitional Kinder-Kinder Classrooms

                In the 21st century classroom, technology integration starts at an early age.  The Tk-K classrooms employ the use of ipads full of educational programs.  Through the use of these device, students are able to practice finger dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and quick decision making processes.
                Students also practice working on desktop computers.  They use a number of different award-winning educational programs such as STMATH, LEXIA, AWARDREADINGONLINE and STARFALL.

    Grade 1-2

               Grade 1 and 2 technology integration focuses mostly on math, reading fluency and introduction of on-line research based reports.  In addition, the second grade Open Court Book listening library can be accessed though any device on-line.  This way, students are able to practice reading and develop more comprehension of the stories read in the classroom.  

    Grades 3-5 

    Technology integration in grade 3-5 focuses more on independent research.  Hoover employs the use of the 1:1 device program.  Each students use chrome books for variety of classroom activities including on-line, research, google classrooms, ST Math, Lexia, Accelerated Reader among others.  Students complete their project reports on-line where teachers are able to give instant feedback to students.