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    Million Word Reading Challenge

    • Overview:

      This year, ELA classes will be participating in a Million Word Reading Challenge. Your goal will be to read at least TWENTY books across a variety of different genres. This amounts to about one million words. 


      You will have the entire school year to accomplish this goal. You will be reading often, both at home and in class.            


      It is imperative that you have an independent reading book with you in class, every day. When choosing a book, you must get parent/guardian approval, as well as your teacher’s approval. You will complete reading responses throughout the school year.


      Besides expanding your vocabulary, increasing your depth of knowledge, and becoming a more intelligent, well-rounded person, there is also an extrinsic reward for reading each night! Each time you finish a parent-approved book, you will place a sticker next to your name in the classroom. The students that have met or surpassed the TWENTY book goal will get a party at the end of the year!

      Please check out my Million Word Challenge Guidelines PPT for more information and to get PUMPED about reading books! 


Last Modified on September 3, 2019