Online Expectations

    Classroom Expectations


    Students are expected to maintain a safe, civil, and orderly environment conducive to learning. All students are expected to:

    • Be in their seats and ready to work when the tardy bell rings
    • Follow directions from all staff members
    • Bring all necessary materials to every class every day
    • Raise their hand and wait to be called on
    • Remain seated unless given permission by the teacher to be out of seat
    • Keep their hands, feet, and other objects to themselves.
    • Avoid disruptive or unsafe behavior

     If a student chooses to not follow the rules, the following consequences may occur:

    • Warning
    • Change in Seat
    • Student/Teacher Conference
    • Parent/Guardian Contact
    • ODR Written
    • Parent/Guardian Conference


    Establishing Positive Consequences

    • Reward students for being amazing!
    • Celebrate student’s successes in learning
    • Complimentary notes or phone calls to parents
    • Awards or certificates
    • Special privileges
    • Follow-up after positive notes or phone calls home


    Teacher Interventions

    • Communicate with the student regarding the misconduct placing the emphasis on isolating the problem and generating solutions to the problem
    • Use appropriate, corrective measures, which might include: proximity, redirection, change in seat assignment.
    • Reinforce positive behavior and administer consistent consequences
    • Contact parent – note, phone call
    • Change student seat
    • Isolation, or time out, in the classroom
    • Having student write a letter to the parent explaining the infraction
    • Losing classroom privileges
    • Hold a parent/teacher conference
    • Hold conference with student and counselor
    • Classroom suspension- (teacher must fill out appropriate form and provide work for student as well as make parent contact)
Last Modified on September 1, 2020