• Oslo Norway  
     Oslo, Norway - - Viking Museum
    About Ms. Evans:
    I have been teaching in the Santa Ana Unified School District since 2000 and currently enjoy teaching Advanced Placement European History and World History at Godinez Fundamental High School.  I am also the teacher of record for the Cheer team. 
    I enjoy teaching history because I am intrigued by the evolution of modern society as well as the development of political institutions and, I strive to incite that same intrigue and curiosity in students. To complement my academic knowledge I have visited historical sites in European countries such as France, Austria, Hungary, and Germany as well as regions in the Baltic and Mediterranean, including Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Russia, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Slovakia, and Czech Republic.
    I earned a Bachelor's degree in Economics from
    Chapman University (http://www.chapman.edu/
    My teaching credential at:
    Concordia University (http://www.cui.edu/)
    Master's degree in History from:   
    Cal State Fullerton (http://www.fullerton.edu/)
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