Reading Curriculum Map Year at a Glance

    Unit 1 Cooperation & Competition                     Texts:
    Big Idea: Goals can be Achieved through cooperation and competition.                          "Babe Dickerson"    "S.O.R. Losers"
    Essential Questions:                                                                                                                   "Class President"
    * How can cooperation or competition help in achieving positive results?                         "The Marble Champ"
    * How does cooperation result in achieving goals?                                                                "Juggling"   "The Abacus Contest"                 
    * Why do people react differently to competition?                                                      "Founders of the Children's Rainforest"
    Unit 2 Astronomy                                                   Texts:
    Big Idea: Knowledge of our universe is an ongoing process.                                               "Galileo"               "Telescopes"
    Essential Questions:                                                                                                                          "Heavenly Zoo"
    * How do astronomers acquire information about the universe?                                                 "Circles, Squares, and Daggers"
    * How has our understanding of the solar system changed?                                                              "Mystery of Mars"            "Stars"
    * How did different cultures relate to the universe?                                                                              "The Book that saved the Earth"
    Getting to the Common Core Unit of Study (Developed by S.A.U.S.D.) "Astronomy"
    Big Idea: "How has our understanding of the Solar System changed?"
    Document Based Questioning on Native Americans (Developed by Marta Moyer S.A.U.S.D.
    "Was the relationship between Native Americans and colonists from 1607 to 1763 mostly positive or negative?"
    Unit 3 Heritage                                                         Texts:
    Big Idea: Diversity creates understanding towards other cultures.                                             "Bats"       "The Land I Lost"
    Essential Questions:                                                                                                                               "In Two Worlds"
    * In what ways is culture passed from one generation to the next?                                                    "The West Side"
    * How does learning about other cultures create acceptance?                                                                "Love as Strong as Ginger"       
    * How is your culture similar / different than other cultures?                                                                    "Parmele"  "The Night Journey"
    Getting to the Common Core Unit of Study (Developed by S.A.U.S.D.) "Heritage"
    Big Idea: "Beliefs, Values, and Customs are passed down from one generation to the next?"
    Unit 4 Making a Nation                                             Texts:
    Big Idea: New ideas cause changes in society.                                                                                 "If you Lived at the Time ..."     
    Essential Questions:                                                                                                                               "The Night the Revolution Began"
    * How did the colonies change politically, socially, and economically during the Revolution?                    "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere"
    * What were the causes and effects of the colonists' dissatisfaction with the British King?                               "The Declaration of Independence"       
    * Who contributed to the changes that resulted in a new nation and what were they?                                   "The Master Spy of Yorktown"
                                                                                                                      "Shhh! We're writing the Constitution"
    Getting to the Common Core Unit of Study (Developed by S.A.U.S.D.) "Making A Nation"
    Big Idea: Motivation, ideas, and actions cause chnages in society
    Document Based Questioning on The American Revolution (Developed by Marta Moyer S.A.U.S.D.
    "Were the American colonist justified in waging war and breakjing away from Great Britian?"
    Unit 5 Going West                                                      Texts:
    Big Idea: Expansion can be positive or negative depending on different perspectives.                       "Sacagawea's Journey"     
    Essential Questions:                                                                                                                               "Buffalo Hunt"
    * What motivated groups to explore the west?                                                                                         "The Journal of Wong Ming-Chung"
    * How did Native Americans adapt to the westward movement?                                                                "The Coming of Long Knives"       
    * What sacrifices and challenges did each group endure during the expansion of the United States?            "Old Yeller and the Bear"
                                                                                                                      "McBroom the Rainmaker"  "Bill Pickett"
    Document Based Questioning on Westward Expansion (Developed by Marta Moyer S.A.U.S.D.
    "Would you go west?"