• History
    Social Studies:
    Unit 1 - Native Americans of North America:

    Big Idea: Geography and climate influence how and where people choose to live.

    Essential Questions:
    * What motivated  the Native Americans to choose where to build their village?
    *What factors  determined what shelters they used?
    *What patterns  are seen in how different groups obtain food, clothing, and tools?
    Theme: Systems.
    Think Like a Disciplinarian: Archaeologists
    Unit 2 - Age of Exploration:

    Big Idea: The age of exploration was a result of a few countries’ leaders desire for wealth & power.                                 

    Essential Questions
    *What technological developments aided in these explorations?

    *What effects did these explorations have?

    *What countries were major players?
    * Who were the major historical figures during this period and why do historians consider them to be important?
    Theme: Exploration.
    Think Like a Disciplinarian: Political Scientist
    Unit 3 - The Establishment of Colonies:
    Big Idea: The forming of the colonies was influenced by economics and religion.
    Essential Questions:
    *What are the three regions and the basis of their economy?
    *What were the major religious groups in the colonies?
    *What was the Great Awakening and how did it influence the forming of the colonies?
    * What impact did the formation of the colonies have on the development of its Government?
    * What were the causes of introducing slavery in the colonies?
    * What early democratic ideas began to emerge in the late 1600's to early 1700's?
    Theme: Power.
    Think Like a Disciplinarian: Economist
    Unit 4 - The American Revolution Begins:
    Big Idea: When a group's political, religious, and economics beliefs differ from its government, change is inevitable.
    Essential Questions:
    *What factors influenced the onset of the fight for independence?
    * What was the effect of the French and Indian war on the colonies?
    *What motivated individuals to migrate to the colonies?
    *Were all the colonists unhappy with King George? If not, who and why?
    * What was the status of religion during this time period?
    * What political ideals did the "patriots" wish to make a reality? Where did these ideas come from?
    Theme: Conflict.
    Think Like a Disciplinarian: Sociologists
    Unit 5 - A Nation is Born:
    Big Idea: Individuals, groups and countries had a direct and indirect impact on the outcome and consequences of the Revolution.
    Essential Questions:
    *What major factors influenced the outcome of the war?
    *What motivated other countries to become involved in the American Revolution?
    *What was the role of women in the fight for independence?
    * Did anyone profit from the war? If yes, who and how?
    * What impacted the creation of state governments during this period?
    * What were the three groups and their platforms?
    Theme: Order & Chaos.
    Think Like a Disciplinarian: Economist
    Unit 6 - The Constitution of the United States of America:
    Big Idea: The Constitution is foundation upon which our nation is built and has evolved.
    Essential Questions:
    *What were the problems that faced our nation as it began to build its foundation?
    *Who were the major historical figures that impacted the development of our "new government"?
    *Why did the "Articles of Confederation" prove to be to weak?
    * Why was the "Bill of Rights" added to the Constitution?
    * Why is important that "we" in present day society, understand this document?
    Theme: Relationships.
    Think Like a Disciplinarian: Sociologist
    Unit 7 - The United States of America's Political System
    Big Idea: The government of a nation can lead or be led.
    Essential Questions:
    * What are the three branches of Government. What is their structure and function within this system?
    * What are the political offices? What are the roles and responsibilities of the offices? How is each office position filled?
    * How are laws enacted?
    * What other political systems are in use today around the world?