• Class Rules/Expectations 

    A.  Expected classroom behavior
    1. Don’t keep me from teaching
    2. Don’t keep others from learning
    3. Don’t touch anyone else’s project or computer
    4. Help others follow the classroom rules

    B.  Attendance 

    1. When you are absent you must make up missing work.  I am usually in room 26 every morning by 7:20 am.  You may catch up on late or missing work during this time.

    C.  Positive consequences for following classroom expectations

    1. Positive classroom comments         2. Tiger tickets         3. Special class privileges

    D.  Consequences for NOT following classroom expectations

    1. First time: Verbal warning.
    2. Second time: Reflective consequences and 15-minute class detention (7:30 am)
    3. Third time: Loss of activity for the rest of the period and 30-minute detention.
    4. Fourth time: Office referral.
    5. The fourth event causing a class disturbance, wandering around the room, or being off-task will earn a 30-minute school detention and increase from there.
    E. Grades - Report card grades are based on your performance on classroom assignments, projects, and tests. 
          Work turned in late will lose one letter grade unless there is a good reason.