• Welcome. The Hippocrates Circle is a Society for 8th grade students who are interested in learning about medicine. Our club is sponsored by Kaiser Permanente and its purpose is to instill an interest in medicine as a career. Members of the Hippocrates Circle visit Kaiser Permanente Clinic and Hospital and meet many Kaiser Permanente Physicians. They learn about the challenges they will face on their journey toward their career as a physician.
    Any MacArthur student is welcome to attend our meetings on the third Thursday of the Month during lunch in Room 26. All students must submit an application for Hippocrates Circle Membership on the Hippocrates Circle website (link below). In addition, those 8th graders interested in potential selection to the "travel squad", students who attend field trips to the hospital and clinic, must submit an Essay to Dr. Hill titled "Why I Would Like to be a Doctor".  Kaiser Permanente selects the 'travel squad' after a review of the applications and essays submitted. 
    Link to Hippocrates Circle Application: 
    Here is a website to view photographs from our events each year: