Welcome to my Science Class page! 
    The majority of homework for my class comes from QuizStar, an online program. The link is provided below. Student progress can be checked at any time by looking on the Aries Portal.
    We begin the year learning how scientists think and how they share information. We will learn to conduct actual science experiments. We also learn to communicate our thoughts by writing. We will practice organizing our thoughts using thinking maps and then writing essays to communicate those thoughts to others. 
    The 6th Grade Science Curriculum has changed somewhat due to our implementation of the NGSS Standards. Our topics of scientific learning for this year include the following:
    Thermal Energy Transfer
           How heat energy moves
           Temperature vs Heat
    Kinetic Energy Transfer
           Potential vs Kinetic Energy 
           All living things are made up of cells
           Organisms can be one or more cells
           Groups of cells make tissue
           Groups of tissues make organisms
    Human Body Systems
           Integumentary System
           Circulatory System
           Respiratory System
           Digestive System
           Urinary System
           Musculoskeletal System
           Nervous System
           Reproductive System
           Endocrine System
     Genetics Factors that influence growth
           How we become the person we are
           Genetics & Pundit Squares
    Asexual vs Sexual Reproduction
     The Water  Cycle
            Water spends 99% of its life in our oceans
            Evaporation, Condensation, Transpiration, Percolation,
                  and Runoff are stages in the Water Cycle     
            Weather is our living conditions today, tomorrow, next week, or next month
            Weather can change from minute to minute
            Weather can be nice or destructive
            Climate is an average of weather condition over a long period of time, say 30 years
            Scientists believe the Climate Change is happening and real
    Human Impact on our Environment
            Humans are believed to have a major impact of our changing environment
    In order to help you use the internet for this class I have provided links to essential sites to this class. Please take a look using the following links:
    Cool Links:
    Human BioDigital Website:
    Google Drive:                                      
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    QuizStar Link:                       

    Operation Ouch:

    Operation Ouch Main Page

    Even though we no longer study about Earthquakes and Volcanoes, these are great links to visit:
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    Earthquake Tracker: