• Dear Parents and Guardians:
    As you may know, your child is using the ST Math® software program at school, which means their
    teacher can assign ST Math homework for your child to work on at home. You may have questions about
    how to activate ST Math on your home computer, how ST Math works and how to assist your child with
    the software. The homework feature is an additional component of ST Math, and it is up to your child’s
    teacher to determine whether or not they assign homework. All questions regarding ST Math or the
    homework feature in the software should be directed to your child’s teacher. For your convenience, a
    list of the most frequently asked questions is below.
    What is ST Math? ST Math is a math software program that includes game puzzles that start off simply
    and get more challenging as a student progresses. When they reach a challenging problem, your child
    should attempt the problem and use the visual feedback provided to help them figure out why their
    answer did or did not work. The feedback provided with each puzzle will help students figure out how to
    solve the problems. It is very important that if your child is stuck, you should not simply give your child
    the correct answer to get them past the game. The goal of ST Math is to promote problem solving. To
    watch videos about ST Math and its approach to teaching and learning math, visit the software
    developer MIND Research Institute’s YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/mindresearch.
     How do I get ST Math at home? If your child’s teacher assigns ST Math homework, a letter will be sent
    home that explains how to activate your computer, and it will include an activation code. Once that
    code is entered, you should see a welcome page that says “ST Math at Home.” When your child clicks
    on the penguin, JiJi, they will be prompted to enter a series of 13 characters. This is a unique password
    that they have been assigned and taught at school.
    Can I use ST Math on an iPad or Tablet? Some ST Math licensing includes the touch functionality of ST
    Math. In the letter mentioned above you should be notified on whether or not your child can access ST
    Math on certain touch devices. For information on which devices are supported, please visit
    http://mindresearch.net/programs/tech/. If you wish to access ST Math using an iPad or other tablet,
    please ask your child’s teacher for information on how to download the app and for the activation
    What is the picture password? The picture password is a 13-character unique identifier. Picture
    passwords are easier for younger students with limited or no language skills. It is also easier to
    remember over periods of time and uses a different part of our memory than text-based passwords.
    Students keep their assigned picture password the entire time they are in the ST Math program, no
    matter what school they are attending. Students are recognizing, not remembering, their characters, so
    13 is not too many. Kindergarten students start off with 8 characters and then build up to 13 as they
    move through the program.