Information about nightly reading and AR
    As you know, your student brings home a book to read every night.  This book is chosen according to their reading level.  Any book with a red or red stripe dot on the front cover is on the first grade reading level.  An orange or orange stripe book is on the second grade reading level.  Yellow or yellow striped books are on the third grade reading level.  Since this is second grade, an orange dot (2.0-2.5) or orange stripe (2.6-2.9) book is what your child should be reading.  In June, all students should be reading an orange stripe to yellow dot book.  
      This nightly reading is of utmost importance. Because of this,  the book needs to be read 4 times.  The first time can be read by you to your child.  The second time can be read together. (You read a page, then they read a page, etc.)  The third and fourth times should be read by themselves with someone helping and listening if possible.  When they return the next day, they will be taking a quiz on the computer about the story.  If they read the number of times I have assigned, they should pass the quiz.  Upon passing, students get credit for the number of words read in the book.  I have set a goal of 50,000 words read by the end of school.  It is an attainable goal, but will take dedication of smart reading every night.
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