Dear Student,


    Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mrs. Rajpurkar and I will be your Math teacher for this school year. I am excited about teaching you and look forward to working with you to ensure your success in my class. In this class, you will develop insight into mathematical structures for maintaining and analyzing data. You will use tabular, symbolic, graphic and verbal representations to analyze and understand data patterns and be able to predict outcomes and offer projections.

    Making this year successful will require a team effort, in which you, your parent/guardian and I are the members of the team. You may expect me to clearly communicate goals and be available to answer questions, provide timely feedback, provide instruction, guidance and support to help you reach your goals.

    Please read the enclosed information and go over it with your parent/guardian. Please return the sheet with your and your parent/guardian’s signature. Thank you very much.

    Your parent/guardian may contact me at any time during  school  hours: (714) 569-6300

    Web page : SAUSD>Saddleback>Teachers>Rajpurkar Anagha




    Mrs. Rajpurkar




    Suggested Materials

    Binder 1 1/2"

    Ruled Paper (College or Wide)

    Graph paper

    #2 Pencils

    Calculator (Scientific preferred)

    Materials for special projects (will be specified in class as needed).

    Probability and Statistics Text Book provided by the school.



    Class assignments


    Students are required to take notes in the class every day. 

    Students will work in teams to consolidate their understanding and learn from each other.


    Class assignments will consist of –


    Warm up problems

    Practice problems

    Quizzes and tests

    Reading/Writing prompts for content





    Homework will be assigned at least three days of the week. Students are expected to turn in homework on the stipulated date. Homework will be graded for effort.




    The report card will include two grades: a cumulative academic grade and a citizenship grade. Grade categories will be weighted as follows:


                   Test 30%, Quiz 15%, HW 15%, CW 20, Final 20%


    Students earning a D/F are expected to avail of tutoring as recommended by the teacher.


    Missed Work


    Students returning from an absence need to request missed assignments and will get the same number of days to complete the assignment as the rest of the class.

    Students must make an appointment to take missed quizzes/tests on the day they return to class. Students are responsible for obtaining notes from their teammates.




    Classroom Behavior


                   Demonstrate respect for self, others and the classroom.

                   Only one person talks at a time. Raise hand to participate and do so when recognized.

                   Come to class on time and prepared to learn and with all materials.

                   Try your best and be willing to ask for help.

                   Food, beverages (except water), chewing gum are not permitted in the classroom.

                   Comply with all guidelines set forth in the Student handbook.



    Rewards for Positive Behavior

    1. Recognition/TRACK card

    2. Reflection on Citizenship Grade

    3. Note to Parent/Guardian

    4. Other rewards.


    Consequences for Negative Behavior

    1. Student will receive a verbal warning/change of seat.

    2. Classroom detention, parent notification   

    3. Referral, parent notification/Parent-teacher conference.

    4. Other appropriate consequences.




    Tardy Policy


    School policy on Tardy/Truancy will be followed.