• 7th + 8th Grade English Language Arts
    Department Grading Policy


    Miss Boyce

    Room 4103



    Course Description

    With the Common Core Standards as a guide, students will be strengthening skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  Students will learn to think critically and will be expected to use their critical thinking skills to create projects, write stories and essays, and discuss fiction and non-fiction literature.


    Letter Grade Value

    ·         A . . . 90%

    ·         B . . . 80%

    ·         C . . . 70%

    ·         D . . . 56 - 69%

    ·         F . . . 55% and below


    Categories with percentages

    ·         Assessments:  30%

    ·         Class work:  50% (due at the end of the class period during which it was assigned.)

    ·         Homework: 10%

    ·         Participation: 10%

    o   Attendance will be counted (Accountability via:  Exit slips-Entry slip-warm up) and cannot be made up

    o   If you are absent, mark in your agenda “ABSENT” and ask for missing work upon your return


    Make up work criteria


    ·         Assessments: Tests and quizzes may be made up by appointment with teacher.  In the event of an absence it is the responsibility of the student to request an appointment either before or after school to take the missed assessment.

    ·         Classwork Students may turn in late or missing class work for the current six-week grading term only. 

    All late work will be graded as such: 

    Two weeks late: minus 15%

    Four weeks late: minus 30%

    Six weeks late: 45%

    ·         Homework: Students may only make up work for full credit in the case of an absence.  One school day will be given for each school day that a student is absent.  If a student is not absent and turns in an assignment after the original due date, said assignment will be given late credit.  Late or missing homework will only be accepted for the current six-week grading term.



    • Ms. Boyce is available every morning at 7:45. Use this time to ask her for help on assignments that are confusing to you, if you need to make up an assignment, or need to take an assessment. If you need a quiet place to study, read, or do your work (even if it isn't late!), you may come to Ms. Boyce's room at 7:45.


    • For all of the above cases, extenuating circumstances will be analyzed on a case by case basis by the teacher


    Basic Rules and Expectations 
    •  Be nice 
      • THINK before you act or speak (Is what you are about to do thoughtful, helpful, inspiring, necessary, and kind?  If the answer to any of these is "no" then keep your words/actions to yourself.)
    • Bring a chapter book or novel to class every single day
    • Be an active listener: SLANT
      • Sit up straight
      • Look at the speaker
      • Ask questions when you need clarification
      • Nod your head when you agree or understand
      • Take notes when necessary

    Classroom Management

    • This classroom is run on a three strikes system. 
      • In the event of misbehavior that causes a distraction or is disrespectful to anyone, the student will be given one warning.
      • If the behavior continues, the student will be given a second warning as well as a student-teacher conference regarding their behavior. We will work quickly to find the root of the behavior and to resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible.
      • If the behavior continues in extreme cases, the student will be removed from the classroom and written up with a negative referral to the office. 
    • Most behavior issues are handled in class and require neither a referral nor being removed from the classroom.


    Parent Notifications

    • After the first progress report, students failing with a D or F will be required to attend morning tutoring with Ms. Boyce until their grade improves to a C or higher. If the grade falls to a D or F again, the student will be required to attend tutoring again until their grade is raised to passing. 
    • Parents will be notified of excessive missing assignments, lack of necessary materials, and behavior not conducive to the learning environment of room 4103. 
    • Phone calls will be made via ParentLink for homework and minor behavior infractions.
    • Personal phone calls and a request for a parent teacher conference will be made when behavior or work production is causing a problem for a student or his or her classmates.