• Technology in the Classroom
                                                      iPads - Kinder and 1st grade
          i              ipad
    As our younger crusaders continue to develop their motor skills, touch pads and computer mice may seem daunting at first.  Therefore, we make sure they all have access to the more intuitive touch screen devices as they become more familiar with technology.
                                                  Chromebooks - 1 to 1 All grades 
     As our students graduate from iPads, they will continue to develop their technology skills.  Every student will have access to their own HP chromebook to help develop typing skills, internet navigation, and personal online responsibility.
                                                  iMacs for all classes 

    Let's be honest, chromebooks and laptops are convenient, but sometimes you need comfort of a full keyboard and larger screen of a desktop.  All classrooms have access to as many Apple iMacs as the teacher desires.