•  Work Readiness Employment Program

    Working with our partner, THINK Together,  TEACH seniors are hired as after school program leaders to teach lessons to elementary school students throughout the school district. With our lessons primarily having a STEM focus, TEACH seniors have the opportunity to apply for these after school teaching positions. TEACH seniors teach the lessons over a 10 week period for which they receive a $500 stipend for their services. The program provides resume and application workshops, interview training, and a financial literacy course. This program serves as a capstone to our Academy were students apply their learning over the past three years.
    Recipients:                                          Award:
                      Fahanny Solorzano                                $500.00
                      Eva Ochoa                                             $500.00 
                      Stephanie Maceda                                 $500.00
                      Ruby Cruz                                             $500.00
                      Ofir Rodriguez                                      $500.00
                      Vanessa Garcia                                      $500.00
                      Monserrat Gallegos                               $500.00
                      Ixa Rodriguez                                        $300.00
                      Cesar Pompa                                          $300.00 
                      Jacqueline Hernandez                            $500.00         
                      Sandy Castelan                                      $500.00