• All students will sign a "Classroom Rules Contract" detailing the rules governing electronics, food, hats, hoods, and makeup.
    All students will put thier phones in their backpacks for the duration of the call. If you yake out your phone, we will follow the SHS Cell Phone Policy. 
    Students are to be present when the bell rings or you will be marked tardy. If you are tardy, the "Classroom Rules Contract" details the consequences.
    Tests and quizzes are announced several days in advance.  It is your responsibility to make up low test scores or missing test scores within one week from the test date.
    Tests and quizzes will not be available for makeup once the tests have been graded and returned to students.  NO EXEPTIONS!
    Respect the speaker.  This means who ever is speaking that should be speaking should receive the respect appropriate from everyone.  Give the speaker your attention and your respect.
    SAFETY - I do not tolerate unsafe actions in class or in the laboratories.  You will not be allowed in the lab if you do any unsafe act (horseplay, throwing things, spraying water, or tampering with lab equipment)
    Things happen sometimes in the lab, accidents can be prevented. Always report any incidence that occurs.
    The grades are based on assignments, labs, tests, and the semester final. Weighting is as follows:
                                      Physics        Honors Physics            AP Chemistry
    Assignments           10%                     10%                          10%
    Labs                       25%                     25%                          25%
    Tests                      40%                     40%                          40%
    Semester Final        20%                     25%                          25% 
    The grading scales for all of my classes are
    100 - 90%      =      A
    89.9% - 80%  =      B
    79.9% - 70%  =      C
    69.9% - 60%  =      D
    Below 60%     =       F