• 1.  Gamification and Social Media in a Small Learning Community - Monterey 2013  
                Click here to download the powerpoint presentation.
                Click here to download a PDF version of the presentation.
    2.  Using Gamification in the Academy Model - Round Table Sessions-Sacramento 2017  
                Click here to download the handout.
    3. VE National Teachers Conference: Personal Finance: Long Island University-July 2018
                Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation
                Click here to download a PDF version of the presentation
                Click here to download the comprehensive Personal Finance sheet
                Click here to download the LIFE HAPPENS! cards
                Click here to download a list of random occurrences
    Note: If you would like editable versions of my Monthly Task Sheets, I have the files on Google Drive and can share them with you. Send an email to alan.gersten@sausd.us with your request and I will send you the link. 
    4. Piper Jaffray Taking Stock with Teens - Spending Infographic. Click here to download
    5. Dave Ramsey's Ben-Arthur Chart of teen investment. Click here to download
    6. Tim Ranzetta interviews Alan Gersten on Next Generation Personal Finance podcast. Click HERE to listen
    7. New Facilitator Training Resources - August 2018
                Click here to download the Personal Finance PowerPoint presentation
                Click here to download a PDF version of the Personal Finance presentation
                Click here to download the comprehensive Personal Finance sheet (Excel)
                Click here to download my SalaryApp for calculating starting salaries (Excel)
                Click here to download The First 8 weeks Plan for new teachers (Excel)
                Click here to download my Start-Up Costs for calculating starting costs (Excel)
                Click here to download the Monthly Company Expense Report (Excel)