• How Mrs. Pennett will

    challenge your child this year?

    Top 10 Ways to Challenge Students


    1.  Students need to have a sense of empowerment; an awareness that because they are special, they are equipped to do the work. However...

    2.  Students should also know that good grades are not automatic. Work has to be performed as well as learning new material and methods.

    3.  Assignments should afford the student the opportunity to explore curriculum topics in greater depth and to use independent thought processes to do so.

    4.  Self-directed work is recommended as well as to encourage continuing self-motivation.

    5.  There must be a sense of purpose or mission. Volumes of work don't make a difference.

    6.  Students should know what they are learning really matters in the real world. Some students lack interest and motivation because they don't see the relationship between what they are learning and the real world around them. It is especially important for the teacher to encourage them to see the connection and to make life applications real to the students. 
    7.  All students need to learn the value of independent learning. Students should be geared toward learning how to research, and where to go to find information. Students should be given the opportunity to explore topics of their own interest. However...

    8.  All students also need to learn to work together. They need to listen to one another and take one another's perspectives. They also need to learn how to present their thoughts to others who might not be thinking the same way in which they are thinking.

    9.  Students need classroom experiences that encourage higher-level thinking, that involve choice, that provide opportunities for creativity.

    10.  All students must be treated as individuals. Although some children are classified as Academically Talented, they still learn in their own way and must be challenged to their own ability, as any other student would be. My job as a teacher is to recognize that and provide individual support to their learning styles.