• Classroom Rules:

    1.                  Come on time and be ready

    2.                  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourselves

    3.                  Listen to instructions and change tasks quickly and quietly

    4.                  Use polite words only, no cursing, teasing, swearing, or profanity

    5.                  Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak



    ·            Enters the classroom quietly following procedures

    ·          Brings completed homework in yellow folder signed by parent

     ·         Warm up reading: Begins reading immediately and uninterrupted

    ·         Working in group: Participates, follows directions and completes classroom assignments

    ·         Working independently: follows directions, works quietly, completes work

    ·         Writing time: completes work, raises hand to ask questions

    ·         Dismissal: cleans after himself/herself

    ·         Dismissal: Leaves classroom quietly and in an orderly manner


    Consequences if a student chooses to break a classroom rule

    1st. time: Green card – warning and conference with teacher

    2nd. time: Yellow card – ticket and conference with teacher

    3rd. time: Red card – half pg. ticket sent to parents for signature, conference with teacher, call to parents

    Severe or repetitive break of rules: Written referral (full page), student sent immediately to the office, call to parents


    Rewards or Positive Consequences when a student chooses to follow classroom rules and expectations


    Individual Rewards

    Students have the opportunity to earn 10 points or more per day, 5 days a week for a total of 50 or more points per week when following classroom rules and expectations. 

    Ø In addition, students will have the opportunity of earning 10 points for every book report they complete at home.

    Ø Students will have the opportunity of redeeming their points on the last Friday of every month in the classroom store.

    Class Rewards

    Ice cream party:

    Throughout the day, during transitions, teacher will observe students’ behavior. One marble per student will be deposited in the jar if students do transitions quietly and follow the classroom procedures. When the jar gets full of marbles, students will have an ice cream party.


    Each month when a student is on blue the whole month, he or she will get a bee to write his/her name on it. The bee will be display on the "Super Beehavior" bulletin board. At the end of the month., the bees will be placed in a box for a raffle, prizes will vary.