• Physical Education Course Outline & Expectations

    (please see Brent Nagele with any P.E. policy questions)

    ATTITUDE is a little thing that makes a difference!!!

    Century’s Physical Education Program desires EVERY student to increase their level of fitness, develop healthy physical skills, and instill a deeper meaning of “Lifetime Fitness”.

    Physical Education Standards:

    • Demonstrate competency or proficiency in movement forms.
    • Apply movement concepts to the learning & development of skills.
    • Exhibits a physical active lifestyle.
    • Achieves and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.
    • Demonstrates responsibility for personal & social behavior in activities.
    • Demonstrates respect for differences among classmates.
    • Understand that physical activity provides opportunities for enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and social interaction.


    Physical Education Course Requirements

    Attendance & Uniform Policy

    • Be on time to class, the locker room will be locked after the tardy bell rings, we will follow the Tardy policy.
    • Dress quickly and get to your assigned meeting area.
    • Truancy absences will result in no make-up assignments.
    • You must be dressed in CHS P.E. clothes daily.
    • No sweat pants are allowed to be worn in class.
    • Tennis shoes must be worn daily. (No sandals, boots, etc.)
    • Do not share clothes.
    • Take your clothes home weekly and wash them.
    • It is your responsibility to bring your re-admit to class following your absence.
    • No food, gum, or drinks are allowed in class. You may bring water only.
    • Medical/Illness excuses for more than three days require a Doctor’s note.
    • You will dress on rainy days.
    • You will show respect for all teachers including substitutes.



    • Each week you will go into the PE classroom #810 to learn about, fitness, health, nutrition, and more. You will be doing work in your own personal “Sportfolio”.
    • Participation & completion of your “Sportfolio” will be vital to your grade.


    Locker Room & Lockers

    ·         Every student needs their own locker, DO NOT SHARE or give your locker combination to anyone.

    ·         Put all valuables locked in your locker during class time.

    ·         No running, pushing, hiding of clothes, screaming, or unnecessary roughness.

    ·         Kick mud off feet outside, not in the locker room.

    ·         After class you are to remain behind the line by the lunch area until the bell rings.


    Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior

    • Warning
    • Detention
    • Phone call home
    • Referral to Activity Office to see Mr. Nagele
    • Suspension from class


    Consequences for Non-suits

    • 1st – 6th  non-suit: One hour detention, phone call home and/or parent conference.
    • 7th  non-suit: Saturday Work Program
    • 14th  non-suit: One Day Suspension


    Grading Policy

    • Your grade will be based on:

    1.      Your Sportfolio

    2.      Participation in fitness testing & sporting activities

    3.      Effort & attitude

    4.      Any other written assignment & tests

Last Modified on July 23, 2014