• Band Course Syllabus




    Instructor:  Mr. Harlan                                                        Phone:  714-569-9508

    Office:  Band Room 610                                                     E-mail:  Dylan.harlan@sausd.us

    Office Hours:  After School by appointment

    Every Day Required Materials

    Rhythm Workouts, Theory handouts, pencil, student handbook, instrument, music.



    This is a year long class designed to prepare students for performance in a large music ensemble as well as rhythm sections.  Each student will learn music notation, theory, performance, compositional elements and aesthetic valuing.



    Students will learn to read music and perform on a wind instrument with accuracy and musicality.  Students will go on to become outstanding musicians in the Saddleback High School Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Drumline, and/or Marching Band.  Students will become lifelong musicians and have an appreciation and respect for music.



    Students will be required to participate fully in the Saddleback Instrumental Program.  Students will be required to practice their instruments daily, complete all theory assignments, and attend all classes, rehearsals, and concerts.


    Class Rules

    1)      Podium Rule:  Your full attention is given to anyone speaking from the podium

    2)      Do not eat, drink, or chew gum in class

    3)      Be on time to class

    4)      Respect your peers throughout classroom activities

    5)      Be ready to learn and give 100%


    Tardy 1:  Warning and advisement

    Tardy 2:  Call and letter home

    Tardy 3:  Call, letter, and detention

    Tardy 4:  Office Referral Tardy

    Tardy 5:  Office Disciplinary Action







    Grading Policy

    Grades in all instrumental music classes will be determined by the letter grades assigned and weighted in three areas:  attendance, successful participation, and tests of musical ability/ routine content.


    Tests not made up or performances and rehearsals missed will negatively affect the student’s grade during each evaluation period.


    Final Grades


    40% Attendance


    1)      Each student will be expected to attend all rehearsals, sectionals and performances unless prior approval is granted.

    2)      Work conflicts, dental and doctor appointments are not excuses for missing practices or performances.

    3)      The director must be notified in writing of any potential performance conflicts as soon as possible but no later than two weeks after receiving the monthly performance schedule.

    4)      The director must also be notified of possible missed practices as soon as the conflict is apparent, but no later than one week before the practice.

    5)      Due to the group nature of our activities, it will not be possible to make-up or give alternate credit for unexcused performances and rehearsal evaluations.


    40% Successful Participation


    1)      The evaluation of the student’s performance and participation is accomplished through observation at performances and rehearsals.

    2)      Successful participation is gauged through teacher observation of individual progress and the achievement of assigned group goals.

    3)      The ability of the individual student to demonstrate responsibility to the group and respect for the instructors and school-owned equipment will also be assessed.


    20% Tests of Musical Ability/Routine Content


    Tests on scales, assigned music, auditions, routine content, and written assignments will be included in the evaluation of each student’s accomplishment.


    Citizenship grades will be determined by the individual student’s ability to demonstrate basic civic and social skills while participating in class.