• Students are expected to follow CARR WAY AT ALL TIMES, work hard and put 100% effort into the class. There is no homework assigned, but if the student does not complete the daily classwork, it will be assigned as homework.
    The students should meet all of the following requirements:
    1. The students are required to come to class prepared. By being prepared, students should have with them the required SS textbook and school supplies listed in the materials Agenda/Handbook's students' section. Also, their daily charged Chromebook, a 100-page composition notebook, their own-line paper organized in a two-inch binder, three pens (blue, red and green inks), at least two well sharpened pencils, point scissors, stick glue, a box of color pencils, and responsible in to bring materials assigned by specific projects(s) during the school year.
    2. Students should actively listen in class, ask questions in a polite and respectful way, take Cornell notes from teacher's lectures/videos/classmates' presentations, write on the Elmo or board, and participate in class discussion and group activities.
    3.  Complete the assigned ACHIEVE 3000 readings on the assigned day (80 readings from all classes with 80% at the end of the school year).