Spanish Language and Culture A (AKA SPANISH I FOR SPANISH SPEAKERS)

    International Baccaulaureate Spanish B Higher Level Year 1 and Year 2


    Mrs. Elva Vicari

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     Office Hours:

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    Every day during lunch

    Conference period    1:00-1:53

    Other times by appointment only


    Course Description:

    Spanish Language & Culture A

    This course is designed for the heritage Spanish Language speaker. Spanish is the primary language spoken in the class. The emphasis is to develop a more standardized level of Spanish while heritage speakers still embrace the Spanish they speak.  Students will develop a better command of Spanish and increase their level of proficiency in speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills.  Students will also be able to develop knowledge of Spanish-Speaking countries, people, and culture through historical essays, literature, and multi-media resources.

    This course provides the student opportunities to develop complex language, use critical thinking skills,   analyze a variety of literature, and meet the World Content Standards for California Public Schools.


     Texts: Nuevas Vistas Curso 1 

     Nuevas Vistas  Workbook

     Spanish/English dictionary

     Supplemental texts- Galerías 1

    The International Baccaulaureate Spanish B

    This course engages students in an exploration of culture in both contemporary, historical , literary and global contexts. The course develops awareness and appreciation of products, practices and perspectives.  The course has been designed to provide advanced high school students with a rich and rigorous opportunity to study the language and culture of the Spanish speaking world that is equivalent to an upper-intermediate college or university Spanish course.

    The International Baccaulaureate Spanish B course takes a holistic approach to language proficiency and recognizes the complex interrelatedness of comprehension and comprehensibility, vocabulary usage, language control, communication strategies , cultural awareness and international mindedness

    Texts: Oxford IB Diploma Programme Spanish B 2nd Edition

    Recommended supplements:

    OSC IB Study and Revision Guide for Spanish B 3rd Edition

    The New World Spanish/English-English/Spanish Dictionary (Revised Second Edition)          





    Grades are based on the following:

    Exams and quizzes 40%

    Classwork  20%
    Teacher led practice and Oral participation 30%

    Homework 10%




     You are recommended to bring to class every day:  pencil, and blue or black pens and a Spanish notebook section in your 3 ring binder

    You cannot leave the classroom once the class has started.  However, you will receive passes  in emergency cases or if called out by the school office.


    In order to maintain a positive learning environment, there should not be unnecessary talking in class. Even if Spanish is a little easy for you, we still have to be considerate towards the students who need peace and quiet to do their work.


    You are expected to arrive in class on time and in an orderly manner. To take full advantage of the class time, you are to start working on the warm-up exercise (el calentamiento) immediately upon arrival.


     In order to improve your oral proficiency, you are expected to speak only Spanish when you are in the classroom. You are also encouraged to use Spanish outside the class as much as you can.






    Be productive.  Be respectful.  Be responsible.  Be appropriate.


    According to school policy, eating food, chewing gum,  drinking , grooming and use of electronics inside the classroom is not permitted.


    Please use blue or black ink when taking quizzes or tests.


    Please wait for the teacher to dismiss you at the end of class and make sure the desks are placed in order and all trash thrown away before you leave the classroom.


    Tests and quizzes will be announced in advance. I may choose to give a quiz grade to any homework assignment handed in by you. This will NOT be announced.


    In order to reinforce responsibility, you are required to turn in your homework, projects, or any type of work by the due date. 


    Homework will be assigned at least 3 times a week. Only assignments that are complete and turned in on timewill receive  full credit. Late work will be accepted at teacher discretion and only for 50% credit.


    You will also receive credit for participating actively in class. Since you will be working on expansion of vocabulary and improvement of your oral proficiency in Spanish, oral participation will be a very important part of your grade. 




    Make up work will be accepted only if you where absent on the day it was assigned.

    If you are absent, it is your responsibility to obtain make up work. Absence should not be an excuse for dropping behind in homework and studies. You can consult with your group members to obtain any missed notes or assignments. I am also available before and after school for any questions.


     If you miss a test due to an excused absence, you should talk to me and schedule a make up the day of your return. If there is a listening component, make up tests will be given during lunch or after school by appointment



    Late work will be accepted at the teacher’s discretion for 50%




    You will be responsible for several projects during each semester. Information regarding these projects and their due dates will be given later on in the semester. This is a two year course that culminates in a final diploma exam in May of the student's senior year.




    If you want to succeed in this class, do your best, most careful work. Do all work assignments completely and as neat, clear and organized as you can. This course is designed not only to help you become a better communicator, but also to encourage the development of your higher level thinking skills, your problem solving abilities and your creativity. To accomplish these goals make sure you follow directions and give your full and undivided attention to all the activities, class work, lectures, etc. that will take place in class.



     I am looking forward to working with you. Let’s make our goal to have a fun and successful

    academic year.  Together we will reach our goal.



    ¡Bienvenidos y buena suerte!




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