• Aerobic-Fitness Course Outline, Expectations, & Requirements

                                                                             Mrs. Larsh

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    Attitude:  is a little thing that makes a big difference!!!

    Century’s PE program desires EVERY student to increase their level of fitness, develop healthy physical skills, and instill a deeper meaning of “LIFETIME FITNESS”.

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    *** We will focus on weight loss, muscle toning, & cardiovascular strengthening
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     ·      Be on time to class. Century’s Tardy Policy will be followed.

     ·      Dress quickly and get to your role area. (You have 8 minutes)

     ·      Running & fitness activity efforts will be part of your grade.

     ·      Truancy absences will result in no “make-up” assignments.

     ·      Bring a readmit following your absence, and ask your teacher for missed work.

     ·      Daily dress in Century’s PE clothes or a green shirt & black shorts or tights & tennis shoes.

     ·      NO JEANS will be worn.

     ·      No sweatpants are allowed.

     ·      No sandals or boots will be allowed.  (We will loan you shoes).

     ·      NO CELL PHONES

     ·      No food, drink or gum is allowed (especially on the new field).

     ·      Do not bring make-up or mirrors to class.

     ·      A Doctor’s note is required for PE participation excuses more than 3 days.

     ·      You will dress on rainy days!

     ·      You will show respect for all teachers…as well as substitutes.

     ·      Be prepared to work on Fitness each week.

     ·      All Freshman students are required to complete and keep the “Sportfolio”.

     Locker & Locker Room

     ·      Do not  share lockers or give your combination to anyone…even your best friend.

     ·      Lock up all valuables in your locker during class.

     ·      No running, pushing, hiding clothes, screaming, or unnecessary roughness.  Do not throw things.

     ·      Kick-off mud outside before entering the locker room.

     ·      After class…REMAIN BEHIND THE LINE/FENCE UNTIL THE BELL RINGS.Consequences for:

     Inappropriate Behavior                                                Non-Suits/Tardies

     1st            Warning                                                                              1st            Warning

     2nd            Detention or written activity                                                2nd            Warning

     3rd            Parent Contact                                                                     3rd            detention & parent contact

     4th             Referral to Discipline Office                                                4th            detention

     5th            Suspension from class/lowered grade                                 5th            Sent to Discipline Office