• Mr. Covey was graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara a long time ago.  He was graduated with High Honors, which means he was a good student, in History, which means he actually likes to learn about the stuff he teaches.  He taught math at McFadden for many years so if you need help, ask your regular teacher first.  Then you can ask Mr. Covey. He has taught Algebra, even Algebra II, so he knows how it works.
    Mr. Covey married Mrs. Covey twenty-eight years ago. He has one daughter who lives in Israel and another who is a law student in Chicago.
    Mr. Covey does not follow football or basketball or professional soccer.  He does follow baseball and is an old-style Angels fan, which means he always wonders what bad thing is going to happen next.  When Mr. Covey was much younger, he coached Varsity-level high school soccer for both boys and girls.  His teams won a lot of games and a few championships but he is over that now.
    Mr. Covey knows a lot about sustained and organized violence, otherwise known as war. He is an expert player of the online game series Total War. This past summer, he taught a class with Mr. Czaja in which playing the game Rome: Total War was required. Mr. Covey is not a violent person, though.
Last Modified on August 27, 2015