• SAUSD Education Technology Plan 2015-18

    The SAUSD Education Technology Plan

    A Vision for 2018 and Beyond

    We believe that every child deserves to be well equipped to thrive in the 21st century. In support of that belief, the goal of the SAUSD Education Technology Plan is to establish a roadmap for technology resources, digital tools, and professional development needed to support acceleration of student achievement through high quality, personalized learning and instruction based on State Standards, thus preparing students to be college and career ready and well versed in 21st century skills.


    Traditional systems of learning are being challenged - through new learning expectations expressed through State Standards, the global business community expectation of a new set of skills for employees and college graduates, and the impact that new technology resources (and their capabilities) bring to teaching and learning. SAUSD recognizes and embraces this challenge to transform in order to ensure that our students are equipped to succeed.


    Over the last three years, SAUSD has established a district vision to accelerate student learning through the new State Standards that is student-centered – around concepts of innovation, learner choice and voice, collaboration, and access. In that vision, technology has become a ubiquitous resource that touches the lives of us all – including every student, teacher, school administrator, and staff member within the SAUSD family – and it has an important support role in our transformation.

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