• Classroom Rules

    1. Respect the teacher and fellow students at all time
    2. Students will be on time and in their seats when the tardy bell rings
    3. Productive use of class time is expected at all times
    4. No food or drink allowed. Water is ok
    5. Students are expected to work independently without disturbing others
    6. When working in groups keep the noise to a minimum
    7. No Graffiti will be tolerated.
    8. No cellphone usage.  Texting will not be tolerated.  If caught students phone will be taken for the period.
    Consequences for infractions

    1. A warning will be given first for all minor infractions
    2. Constant disruptions will result in a phone call home to 2 day suspension from class
    3. One on one conference

    Major infractions

    1. All major infractions will be handled by the principal after an ROI is written
    2. Discipline could range from counseling student to suspension

    Positive Reinforcement

    1. Positive feedback via parental phone call
    2. Daily positive reinforcement from teacher 

Last Modified on August 30, 2015