• Calendar / El calendario 
    Students have the opportunity to earn extra credit throughout the year by writing one page reports about their experiences with the Hispanic/Latino culture such as attending a quinceañera, traveling to a Spanish-speaking country, eating at a Mexican restaurant, etc. Students may attend one of the events posted on the calendar below or find one of their own.
    Reports should be thoughtful responses that address the following questions:
    - what they did
    - where they went
    - who they were with
    - if they had experienced this activity/event before
    - what they thought of the experience
    - would they do it again 
    Reports should be:
    - one page in length (front side only)
    - written in pencil
    - written in English if the student is a Non-Native Speaker
    - written in Spanish if the student is a Native Speaker 
    * These reports will not take the place of missing assignments or low scores
       and should not be completed instead of classwork or homework.