• Just a bit about me…

    I returned to MacArthur in 2009 and am on my 35th year of teaching. I had left MacArthur back in the 90s to run multi-million dollar National Science Foundation math professional development projects. Since then, I coordinated the CSULB math project, taught math methods classes for student teachers at Vanguard University, and made a change to teach Kindergarten at Thorpe. I am happy to be back teaching math at MacArthur, serving as the secretary for our MacFIS PFO Parent Booster Club, contributing as a webmaster of the school website as well as the Facebook page, and advising MacArthur's middle school chapter of the California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF). I am also one of the many advisers to our school's newest Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) society. I am excited to have current students who are the children of my past students!

    During the 2019-20 school year I will teach four different levels of mathematics at MacArthur: 8th grade Strategic Math, 6th grade Honors+ Pre-Algebra, 7th grade Honors+ Algebra I, and 8th grade Honors+ Geometry.

    Technology can be useful so I created a number of websites that helps to support my lessons. Math Bugs Me! is geared specifically for basic math concepts.  Pre-Algebra Bugs Me! is geared specifically to my 6th grade pre-algebra students and anyone currently taking algebra. Algebra Bugs Me! is geared to my 7th grade algebra students and anyone currently taking algebra. With my 8th grade Geometry class, I found there were so many apps that were far superior to what I could produce so my website lists websites and resources.  All of my websites are works-in-progress. I also have a Kindergarten website…so, as you can see, website design is a hobby of mine. 

    bill windsurfsI am married to Bill Spurgeon, a retired teacher from MacArthur's history department. He does a lot of stand-up paddling in the mornings and in the afternoons and is busy tending to his Plumeria flowers. Mr. Spurgeon was featured in a magazine article about surfing called 'Old Guys Rule.' He returns to MacArthur as my King in the Castle rotation during the 7th grade History Faire and also to chaperone CJSF events. The top 8th grade history student will receive an award named for him. 

    Photography is one of my many hobbies. Sports, macro, portraits, you name it, I take it! Former students of mine can attest to my love of photography. Be sure to check out the photo wall in Room 6. I will also showcase many of the pictures NOT found on the wall in a slideshow during Open House.

    My Shih Tzu, Chelsea, is a fave model. 


    monarchI raise butterflies and can always be counted on to give an impromptu lesson about them and their effect on our environment. In the past, I provided seminars on butterfly science to teachers through Beckman Science. I have designed numerous butterfly websites, and the Smithsonian has used several of my pictures in a book. The Crowes Nest Media production company has used my Monarch pictures and text from my websites in their Monarch dvd. Others have used my pictures and content on brochures and websites.  Check out Learn about Monarchs to learn about the beautiful butterfly seen above. If you have ever purchased a butterfly kit and ordered the little larvae in a cup, then be sure to check out Learn about Painted Ladies. (the butterfly in the palm of my hand is a Painted Lady). I have other butterfly websites as well.


    This is Boney, our little Soft-wire haired Dachshund. She is very camera-shy so you won't see too many photos of her.

    Penelope This summer, I am happy to share I have a new Shih Tzu puppy. Her name is Penelope Pitstop and I have spent my summer on training her. Here is a picture of the two of us.


    Hula is an important part of my life: I dance with Halau Hula O Laniola. Playing Guitar Hero and Just Dance are fun games that my students and I play during lunch. Never one to just relax, I am always working on something: working on graphics design, reading, crocheting, sewing... One of my all-time favorite down-time hobbies is reading. I encourage my students to read and have a great classroom library of currently popular books!


    painted lady


    Here is a darling little Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui) butterfly