• math tools
    Each student should bring the following tools each day in his/her backpack in a 3-inch binder:

    • two sharpened pencils

    • colored pencils (at least eight)

    • a red pen/pencil for correcting

    • blue or black pen

    • scissors

    • calculator (preferably a scientific calculator)

    • ruler

    • protractor (I will provide one for each student when the lesson is taught)

    • compass

    • lined notebook paper (graph paper is recommended for 7th and 8th graders)

    • ear buds (headphones for use with Chromebooks)


    Math Textbook
    Students are assigned a math textbook at the beginning of the school year. The textbook should be covered immediately. The student's name should be written in ink on the inside front cover. The math book should be kept AT HOME and used for homework and for reference purposes. Most textbooks are available online. *IF a student participates in the After School Program, he/she may want to keep the math book in the school locker.

    The math book should be brought to class ONLY when requested (several days' notice will be provided). Books that are lost are the student's responsibility and will need to be replaced at a cost of approximately $72.
    e-extbooks are available for each student. A user name and password will be provided in class.