• Each student should have the following tools to use at home and at school. These items should be kept in a pencil pouch and stored within the binder. Take advantage of the current Back to School Sales and stock up! 

    Basic School Supplies

    • two sharpened pencils (include a pencil sharpener if not using a mechanical pencil)
    • colored pencils (at least eight)
    • a red pen/pencil for correcting
    • blue or black pen
    • scissors
    • scientific calculator (preferably a solar calculator)
    • ruler
    • protractor (I will provide one for each 6th grader)
    • compass (please get one that you can adjust/has a knob to tighten the compass)
    • lined notebook paper
    • graph paper (I will provide some but it would be best to get a notebook or package of graph paper)
    • glue stick/tape
    • ear buds (headphones for use with Chromebooks so as not to disturb others at home)
    • hole punch
    • blank or lined 3" x 5" note cards (one package of 100 will last you at least for two years of math) 

    Ms. Skipper's Math Learning Kit
    Students in periods 1, 2, 3, and 6 were provided with additional supplies that are used in class. If a student was missing a basic school supply (except for calculators), I provided the missing item. Some students forgot to pick up the extra envelope; emails were sent out with a reminder to pick it up in the front office.

    IF a student is unable to afford or get graph paper, please go to the school and ask. There are some supplies still available at the school; graph paper is one of them.


    Math TextbookStudents are assigned a math textbook at the beginning of the school year. The hard copy textbook should be covered immediately. The CPM textbooks can be found online (use your district learns account to log in via Google). Math lessons will be taught using my own methodologies so the textbook may be useful for reference purposes.