Backpacks are not permitted in the classroom and should be placed in the lockers. Students should come to class with their 3" binder, agenda, and pencil pouch containing ALL supplies.

    Note: The math book does NOT need to be brought to class. It should be kept covered and at HOME. Most math texts are available online. 

    Cell phones should be INSIDE backpacks in the lockers and turned OFF; if students have them on their bodies, it is considered a school violation and a consequence (60 minute detention) will result. I am more than happy to lock up cell phones for safekeeping at the beginning of the school day, if students do not want to leave the phones in their backpacks/lockers. I have a special locking cabinet for such purposes.

    The consequence for a student who has failed to leave his/her backpack in the locker is a 5-minute after-school teacher detention. Repeated offenses will result in a 30-minute school detention for failure to comply with classroom rules.


    Rationale for the 'backpack' policy

    The classroom is small and space is an issue. Adding 36 middle-school bodies plus the backpacks in a room of 18 elongated tables and 36 chairs creates a hazardous environment of overcrowding as space is at a premium. Our classrooms were not designed to house the quantity of desks and students that we now have. Keeping all backpacks in the lockers eliminates the potential for tripping and bodily injury. An exception is made for students who have medical conditions.


    My classroom discipline plan is fair and consistent. I have high expectations and use a ‘clicker’ to get students’ attention and expect everyone to be quiet when I am speaking. Otherwise, quiet speaking voices and moving around the classroom is permitted.

    Students come to school to learn; that is their 'job.' Every job has its own rules and dress codes. Rules are designed to keep people safe. MacArthur follows the district's designated dress code. In room 6, shirts are to be tucked in, shoelaces are to be tied, and students are expected to demonstrate scholarly behavior.   

    1. Communicate quietly and with respect
    2. Food is not permitted; beverages are fine
    3. Listen when the teacher is speaking 
    4. One verbal warning should suffice; a second will result in a detention
    5. Shirts are tucked (French tuck is fine) and laces are tied 



    Homework is assigned daily, Monday through Thursday. (Homework is NOT assigned over the weekend nor on school holidays.) Sometimes, the assignments will be from the textbook and other times, it will be a worksheet or problems assigned in class. Assignments are written on the Homework Board. Students are expected to copy down each assignment onto their School Agenda upon entering the classroom.

    I do not check the Agendas of each student on a daily basis although on occasion, I will spot-check EVERY child's Agenda and give out detentions to those students who have not written down the daily assignment! A child who regularly fails to write his/her assignments down will be given an 'Agenda Check' contract through the counselors. It is the student's responsibility to have the assignment recorded EVERY day and there should not be a blank space in the math area of the Agenda on any day. Students who are on the 'Agenda Contract' must be responsible for bringing their Agendas up to be signed by me prior to the start of the class.

    The school homework policy is followed, with consequences administered per the green Homework Card. Written assignments ollow the math department's Math Assignment Standards. Homework that does not follow the assignment standards will be considered a 'homework card' situation.

    Grading is weighted as follows:

    • 20% Daily Homework

    • 10% Preparedness (ready to begin the class with all necessary supplies, assignments, etc.)

    • 10% MacArthur's Basic Skills Test or Common Assessment Test

    • 60% Weekly Quizzes

    Updated grades can be found on the Aeries Portal. Please check weekly grades on Sunday evenings; I grade all Friday quizzes by Sunday evenings. If you see a 'O' or incomplete quiz listed, it is because I have not yet entered the grade OR your child has not taken the quiz. Friday quizzes are graded and returned on Monday with two grades shown. The grade at the top center of the quiz is the grade from the quiz. The circled grade on the right side is the updated class grade.

    *The California Common Core Mathematics Content Standards and the District's Pacing Guides are used to  facilitate lesson planning.