• Agenda

    Students are expected to copy down the topic for the day's lesson onto their School Agenda as part of our class opening. As of right now, a hard copy agenda is unavailable. Your child should utilize the virtual agenda/organizer. A 'Quote of the Week' contest has been instituted by Mr. Gonzales, with the winner getting lunch delivered on Friday! Students will find the quote in the virtual agenda/organizer on the right-hand side.

    Notes & Homework

    Students should be taking notes each day during the math lesson. A spiral notebook or lined paper that can be stored in the binder will work just fine. Notebooks are not required but during Distance Learning (DL), it may be easier for organization purposes. Note cards will also be created. Each student should have received approximately 15 note cards and a book ring.

    Homework is assigned during each lesson. The assignment will be problems written down at the end of the meeting lesson. I will go over the answers the following meeting day. Written assignments follow the math department's Math Assignment Standards.


    New grading policies are in effect beginning the 2nd grading period: 

    90%: Class Participation/Homework/Note Taking

    10%: Assessments

    Class participation/homework/note taking will comprise 90% of the grade. This means students should be logged in and participate via note taking and doing the assigned work. If a student logs in but chooses to not show his/her/their face and goes on to play video games or work on something else, then points will be taken off. In addition, if students are unable to log in to our class, they should contact me to let me know. This will count towards their participation. If contact is not made, I will take off points. Students have my cell phone and email information.

    Assessments will comprise 10% of the grade. Assessments will include the Basic Skills Test, quizzes, and projects. These will be conducted via Canvas or through a visual representation where students may be required to take a photo of their work to be submitted for grading. As there are no current assessments listed in Aeries, there is no grade to represent this component.

    If there are any questions, please email or text me.


    Class Meeting Expectations

    1. Check in with (last name, first) before logging in. Turn your video on, and mute the sound. 

    2. Virtual backgrounds may be used. I do not recommend using a video background as it will take up more bandwith and may discharge the chromebook's battery at a more rapid pace.
    3. Sound should be turned off during the lesson unless there is a question or a comment. Then, students may unmute themselves. Students do not have to raise their hands but can simply unmute themselves and speak. DL requires different expectations!

    4. Take notes during the lesson. This means having your supplies ready at the beginning! It may behoove students to keep all their learning materials in a backpack, particularly if a designated learning area is unavailable. 

    5. Texting, gaming, flipping through other websites should not occur during classtime. The chat feature in Zoom is turned off due to inappropriate comments on the first day of school (teachers are able to receive a printout of the comments from the chat feature). 

    6. If there are extenuating circumstances, please email or text me. 
    7. If you are having issues with your chromebook, please bring it back to school as soon as possible and exchange it for a newer one! If you are having connectivity issues, please call and ask if the school has a hotspot for you. I want everyone to be able to access our DL classroom.