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    Welcome to Ms. Skipper's Home Page!


    Hello, my name is Sherry Skipper Spurgeon and I teach honors mathematics in room 6. We are in the second grading period of the spring semester and things have been moving right along. This is usually the time of year when children grow tired of school work so it will be important to keep up with Aeries to make sure your child is getting their work turned in. I am available for office hours every day; just ask!

    STANDARDIZED TESTING:  The California Department of Education has exempted students in middle school from the SBAC for this year. However, we will be administering the MAP one more time on May 5th through 7th. For information on your rights in California relating to standardized testing, please visit the CTA Opt Out of Standardized Testing page.

    GSA/QSA:  Our next Gay/Queer Straight Alliance will be on Thursday, May 6th at 12:30 p.m.  We will have a guest speaker who will share the dangers of vaping and how vaping affects the queer community. IF you are interested, please email Ms. Skipper for a link. This is a Safe Space for all! 

    WANT MORE MATH PRACTICE? I can sign you up for Moby Max, if you'd like additional practice in math skills. Send me an email or text and I can provide you with access.

    BLUE LIGHT GLASSES: A number of my students are complaining about their eyes hurting or headaches due to spending 4+ hours a day staring at a screen. Students recently shared Zenni Blokz glasses (be sure to look for online coupons!). Other companies  include Calmoptics and LifeArt glasses.

    FOOD: Did you know that Orange County has a number of sites that offer free food? Check out the Free Food Map and take advantage of the food that is available during this incredibly challenging time.

    YEARBOOKS: If you are interested in ordering a yearbook for the 2020-2021 school year, please do so online. Use the school code 7474. In fact, if you want to share your online learning experiences and have them in the yearbook, upload your pictures! The yearbook staff is looking for pictures to use.

    COVID-19 TESTING: Did you know that Santa Ana residents can get free COVID-19 testing for those aged 16+? Check out the district's website for information. Segerstrom has had vaccine clinics on Monday afternoons and you don't need an appointment. 

    MATH WEBSITES: I have my own math websites that may be useful. They provide content that is specific to each subject and can also be used for review purposes.

    OFFICE HOURS: I have office hours after lunch each day. If you'd like for me to open a Zoom to meet with you, please send me a text or email and I will be happy to meet with you.

    I check my texts and emails regularly, so let me know if you have a question!pic Thank you all for being so wonderful, patient, and understanding. Stay safe out there and if you go out, please be sure to wear a face covering/mask and remember to wash your hands when you get home.

    Ms. Skipper