• Welcome to Ms. S Davis' Web Page

    Welcome to Room (#14) This is a classroom where literature comes alive and your soul is excreted on paper. You will be writing approximately 17 essays this year and you will be able to communicate on many different levels with the written word. I feel that writing is extremely important in your educational journey and this will be a major focus this year. Reading is important as well and you will be reading and taking two Reading Counts exams a month. We will be studying the Holocaust and the atrocities that occurred during this horrible period of history.
    Remember: you are the author of your own story. I don't give grades, you will earn them. I'm prepared each day to teach you, I hope you come to class ready to learn and be educated. 
    Please feel free to e-mail me at susan.davis@sausd.us if you have any questions.



    Josh and Benson