• times

    There are several ways you can contact me:

    • Email me at <sandi.palmer@sausd.us>  or at <sandi.palmer@sausdlearns.net>. This is probably the easiest way to contact me, and I can respond more quickly. 
    •  Leave a message on the school phone line — I probably won't be able to talk to you in the middle of the day, since that's when I'm teaching your child! :-)  The phone number for MacArthur is (714) 568-7700.

    My "prep," or free period, is 1st period (8:25-9:35 Monday and Thursday), and I have office hours 1:05-2:25 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and from 12:55-1:20 on Wednesdays.  Those are the best times to reach me, and also the times when I am most likely to return calls.  We can also do a Zoom conference if you'd like.