• Ms. Palmer

    I started teaching 31 years ago, and have been  here at MacArthur since 1996.  I taught 6th grade Language Arts and Social Studies for my first seven years here, then switched to 7th grade Language Arts in 2003.  In 2014 I moved to the History department so I could teach Social Studies.  In the 2019-2020 school year, I'm excited to teach Social Studies again and be involved in planning MacArthur's History Faire. 
    I grew up in Costa Mesa and graduated from Newport Harbor High School, then went on to  earn a Bachelor's degree in English from UC Irvine and a Master's in English from Cal State Fullerton.  I'm excited to teach Social Studies because I love history, and I think that learning about the past helps us understand the present.  It's part of what makes us well-rounded people.
    I come from a family of teachers: my parents, my maternal grandparents and aunt, and my step-mother's parents, sister and niece were all teachers.  Both my grandmother and my mother taught history, so I'm happy to be following in their footsteps!
    Blue and Ella playing.
    When I'm not grading papers, I enjoy reading, knitting, gardening,traveling, and playing with my two dogs, Ella and Blue (the two cutest and smartest pups around!).  I also love spending time in Palm Springs and Scotland.
    chair This is Sassy, my first coonhound.  She was a very sweet girl!
    pool dog Ella likes to patrol the yard and bark at people (and other dogs) walking by.