• Here are some upcoming due-dates for assignments. 
    Last updated: January 23, 2020

    Royal Court applications are due Monday during class.

    Constitution WS due Tuesday

    Japan map due today/tomorrow (block schedule)

    Registration form due today/tomorrow (block schedule)! You will not be able to register for your elective next week if this is not turned in on time!

    Knitting class Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 7:00-7:45

    Essential Questions for Cornell Notes
    1/21. Chapter 12 Section 1 - How did geography affect the early development of Japanese culture?
    1/22. Chapter 12 Section 2 - How did Prince Shotoku unite Japan and set the stage for the development of a strong central government?
    Current Assignment Documents
     Past Assignment Documents
     Essential Questions for past Cornell Notes
    Ch. 11 Section 1 - How did the Mongol conquest of China mark a new era in Chinese history?
    Ch. 11 Section 2 - How did the Ming dynasty restore Chinese rule and try to eliminate Mongol influence?
    Ch. 11 Section 3 - How did China influence the world?