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    Classroom Guidelines

     Ms. Palmer
     7th Grade Social Studies


    The following information is to make students and parents aware of the policies of my classroom.



    1.    Treat yourself and others with respect and courtesy.  This includes:getting enough sleep so that you are ready to participate; not disrupting class or interfering with other students’ learning; taking pride in your work.

    2.    Raise your hand and wait to be called upon before speaking or getting out of your seat.

    3.    Follow directions the first time they are given.

    4.    Come to class each day ready to work,think, and participate.

    5.    Above all else, do your very best.  If you put effort into each assignment you work on, your writing and thinking skills will show improvement by the end of the school year.


    Grading System:

     Student grades will be determined from their scores on tests and quizzes, projects, portfolios, political cartoons, and other assignments.  In addition, each student is expected to earn 10 participation points and 10 collaboration points during the course of each six week term. 

     Homework, Tardy, and Behavior cards will be part of students' semester grades.  At the end of each semester, I will tally the number of signatures on each card.  One grade will be "Homework".  Homework cards are worth 20 points, with two points deducted for each signature.  The other category will be "Class Preparedness"—this will be the Behavior Cards and Tardy cards combined.  They will be worth 25 points total, with one point deducted for every signature on the Tardy card, and two points deducted for every signature on the Behavior card.  This system will reward students who turn in their homework, arrive to class on time, and have their materials with them every day, even if their test scores are low.


    Late Assignments:

    Assignments are due at the beginning of class,and will be considered late if they are not ready to turn in at that time. All assignments should be neatly prepared and have the student’s heading (name, date, period) written in the upper right-hand corner. Late work may be turned in up to one week past the due date, but the grade will be lowered. You will be informed of all assignment due dates, and it is your responsibility to plan accordingly so they are turned in on time.


    Make-up Work:

    You are responsible for making up all missed work on your own time. You are also responsible for finding out about all missed assignments in a timely manner. If you are absent for more than three days, you or your parents should call the school to request your make-up work. You can also call a RELIABLE classmate to find our what the assignments are.

     If you are absent the day an assignment is due,that assignment is due the day you return to school. It is YOUR responsibility to turn it in(not the teacher’s responsibility to ask for it)! For all work missed during an excused absence, you will have the number of days you were absent in which to make up the work (this is SAUSD district policy). However, any assignments that were given before the absence are due upon your return to school.



    Citizenship points may be added for various positive behaviors such as:Books covered

    Notebook and dividers neatly kept and organized

    Forms requiring parent signatures returned on time


    Citizenship points may be subtracted for the following reasons:


    Being unprepared for class (missing materials/books, incomplete assignments, attitude problems, uncovered book, out of seat, off task, overdue library books, excessive talking, etc.)

    Cheating or plagiarism of work

    • Being uncooperative with a substitute
    • Being disrespectful to others
    • Office referral


    Extra Credit:

    Extra Credit will be offered occasionally on some assignments.  Students will have the option of taking the assignment to a higher level for extra credit.  In general, I don’t believe in assigning extra work for extra credit (i.e., giving students a separate assignment that will raise their grade), since most students need it because they are not doing the quality of work they should be on their primary assignments. It seems to me that adding extra work in this situation is counter-productive. I’m happy to meet with these students to discuss ways to improve the quality of their assigned work.