• Do you know what you can and can't use from the Internet?

    There are definite rules on what is acceptable and right and you should know!

    You can ALWAYS use IMAGES and PICTURES:

    1. YOU created yourself
    2. from the PUBLIC DOMAIN with a CREATIVE COMMONS license
    3. if you choose ONE image or picture from a book
    4. if you choose ONE image or picture from a website if it is NOT for sale
    5. that are permitted for educational use

    You can NEVER use IMAGES and PICTURES:

    1. that are clearly for sale
    2. five images or pictures by the same artist
    3. 10% of a single collection from one source (i.e., 10% of a book, 10% of a website, etc.)
    4. that you download and then change/alter/modify

    You can ALWAYS use MUSIC:

    1. you compose yourself
    2. musical compositions in the PUBLIC DOMAIN
    3. music from sources that permit educational use
    4. up to 30 seconds of copyrighted music for a multi-media production/program

    You can NEVER use MUSIC:

    1. of copyrighted music in its entirety in a multi-media production/program
    2. copy without including the copyright notice of permission
    3. copy to create a compilation
    4. make alterations to original musical work which changes the basic melody