• Welcome to 6th Grade Math!

    Dear Parents,

       I want to welcome both you and your child to 6th Grade Math at Mendez Fundamental Intermediate School.  This year, we will discover and explore many new concepts, master new skills and develop in-depth mathematical thinking while working  collaboratively and independently.



    Each student should obtain the following supplies in addition to the general Mendez supply list:

    • (2) Composition Book—Graph paper only
    • 3 or more pencils or mechanical pencils
    • 2 or more red pens (for correcting)
    • pencil sharpener (with cover) or lead
    • (1) Thick Expo dry erase marker (black)
    • (2) yellow highlighters
    • 1 divider with a tab (labeled for Math)
    • calculator (basic)
    • ruler with inches and centimeters
    • (1) box of colored pencils
    • box of Kleenex tissues (Last names A-L)
    • (10) glue sticks (used daily!)
    • Clorox wipes (Last names M-Z)


     Your student should have one graph paper composition book for each semester. All notes, classwork, and homework will be written in the composition book. Each composition book will be set up with a Table of Contents and each entry will contain a title, date, and page number. Composition books will be graded at least once per grading period.

    **All work must be done in pencil only and all calculations must be shown***


    In addition to many other forms of assessment, tests and quizzes will be part of every unit. Weekly Math Tests will include vocabulary and concepts covered during that week.   Tests /Quizzes count for 65% of the course grade. 

    Additionally, all quizzes should be signed and returned to the teacher.  Please discuss each quiz you sign to monitor your child’s progress.  If your child receives a low grade (C- or lower) your child needs to attend tutoring to get extra support.



    For organizational purposes, all students MUST have a binder. Binders will be monitored regularly and the main criteria for notebook evaluation will be organization and neatness.



    PARENTS ARE REQUIRED TO SIGN THEIR CHILD’S AGENDA DAILY IN THE PARENT/TEACHER COMMENT SECTION at the bottom of the page.  Please look over your child’s homework to make sure every problem is completed and work is clearly displayed. Review your child’s Aeries grades weekly and sign the Agenda Grade Check each week.



    Math homework will be assigned each night Monday-Thursday and occasionally on Friday.  All homework assignments are due the following day unless specified in advance. Missing or incomplete assignments will result in the issuance of a homework card and consequences. All math homework assignments must be completed in your child’s Composition book.

    *Late work may be turned in for partial credit.


    Prodigy is a free, online math program that supports our 6th Grade Common Core math standards. Your child is required to complete a minimum of  20 problems per week and will receive a monthly Prodigy grade.



    Absent students are responsible for picking up their missed work and copying down missed agenda items. Students MUST turn in any missed assignments and MUST make up any tests within one day of the student’s return to school.  Failure to make-up work will result in a homework card.



    Each student will be issued a Math textbook, which will be left at home. Please keep the book covered and in a clean, safe location. Students will receive an electronic CPM textbook.


    Donations of EXTRA supplies are greatly appreciated:

    Copy Paper: white and/or colored , Ziplock Bags, Clorox Cleaning Wipes, Expo Markers, Hand Sanitizer


    Course Grading Students will be given three grades at each grading period:

    • Performance Grade:  Based on homework, class work, tests/quizzes, projects, preparedness  (supplies) and effort

                         Tests/Quizzes                 65%

                         Class work/Homework    33%

                         Communication              2%

    • Citizenship Grade:  Based on behavior and participation
    • Study Habits: Based on achievement and homework completion

    Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

    Darlene Nguyen
    email: duyen.nguyen@sausd.us
    phone: 714.972.7800 x47918