1. Students relate the moral and ethical principles in early religious philosophy &

        thought including:

    a.      Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy

    b.     Judaism and Christianities role in the development of Western thought


    2. Students compare and contrast:

    a.      The Glorious Revolution

    b.     The American Revolution

    c.     The French Revolution


    3. Students analyze the consequences of the Industrial Revolution in:

    a.      England

    b.     France

    c.     Germany

    d.     Japan

    e.      USA


    4. Students analyze patterns of global change in the era of New Imperialism in the
        following two regions of the world:

    a.      Africa

    b.     China


    5. Students analyze the causes, consequences,  and course of the First World War.


    6. Students analyze the rise of totalitarian governments after the First World War.


    7. Students analyze international developments during World War II.


    8. Students analyze the international developments in the post WWII environment.


    9. Students analyze instances of nation building in the contemporary world including:

    a.      Mexico and other Latin American countries

    b.     China