• Classroom Information
    Mrs. Peterson
    10th Grade English


    1. Have all materials and supplies at your desk, prepared to work when class begins.
    2. Treat yourself and others with respect, courtesy, and dignity. 
    3. Follow directions.
    4. Come to class each day ready to work, think, and participate.
    5. Keep all electronic devices turned off and stored in your backpack during class unless we are using them for the lesson.  
    6. Display honesty and integrity.  Cheating of any kind (including copying or allowing other students to copy your work) will result in a zero grade for the assignment.
    7. No gum is allowed in my classroom.
    8. Above all else, do your very best.  



    1. Verbal warning.
    2. Phone call to parent(s).
    3. Phone call home from administration 


    Grading System: 

    Grades are calculated according to points earned in two categories:

                  Assessment = 65% (quizzes, tests, projects, essays, etc.)

                  Homework/Classwork = 35%  

    Your grades are posted frequently for you to view on the Aeries Portal.  All grades will not be in Canvas, so you need to go to Aeries for an accurate view of your grade for the class.


    Late Assignments:

    Assignments are designed to build upon prior work completed.  Therefore, any late assignments must be turned in to me as soon as possible. The grade for each assignment goes down for each day it is late.  You will be informed of all assignment due dates, and it is your responsibility to plan accordingly so they are turned in on time. 


    Make-up Work:

    You are responsible for making up all missed work on your own time.  If you are absent, you should call a classmate to find out the homework and check Canvas for the work.  If you need further instruction on what you missed, it is your responsibility to ask me.  Additionally, if you know that you are going to be absent, it is your responsibility to get the assignment(s) ahead of time.  If you are sick the day an assignment is due and need additional time, email or text Mrs. Peterson via Remind to ask for additional time.


    Citizenship Grade Guidelines:

    To receive an “O” you must have two or fewer absences per grading period, arrive to class on time, bring your supplies with you to class each day, have all assignments completed on time, participate in class discussions, and positively add to the class.

    To receive an “S” you have three or more absences, usually come to class on time, usually bring your supplies to class, have most of your assignments completed on time, and occasionally participate in class discussions.

    To receive an “N” you have excessive absences, tardies, or missed homework assignments, usually fail to bring supplies to class, and/or disrupt classroom learning. 

    To receive a “U” you exhibit behaviors that are unacceptable


    Contacting Mrs. Peterson:

    If you have questions, email me at kathleen.peterson@sausd.us or send me a text via Remind.